Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Swiss Miss

Michele Bachmann turned her new McCarthyism into overdrive.  She has accused Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton's deputy chief of staff, and fellow Minnesota Representative, Keith Ellison of ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.  Her only "evidence" is that they are Muslim.  If she wants to go on a witch hunt, why not go after Christine, I am not a witch, O'Donnell.

Playing against this phony patriotic blather, is  the USA Today story that she became a Swiss Citizen shortly after the Iowa caucuses.  When her dual citizenship became public, Michelle quickly surrendered her right to visit Mitt's money.

Two of the ever dwindling number of adults in the Republican party, Senator John McCain and Ed Rollins, her former campaign manager, denounced the xenophobic tirades.  But where was Mitt?  While demonstrating political flexibility that only a yoga instructor could love, he has yet to show a backbone.

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