Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Bernie's Undemocratic Campaign

Last night Hillary won the Washington State Primary.  Few noticed since Bernie won the majority of delegates earlier, through the state caucuses.  The self proclaimed voice of the people has relied unduly on the undemocratic caucuses.  Primaries allow voting throughout the day, and even provide absentee voting for those unable to make it to the polls.  Caucuses exclude, or make it more difficult, for parents of young children, people working swing or night shifts and completely exclude members of the armed forces.  People who rely on the sanctity of the secret ballot are forced to publicly proclaim their preference or skip the proceedings.

Other than caucuses, Sanders has relied on unDemocratic primaries, my term for the misleading designation "Open Primaries."  General elections are open to all registered voters.  But primaries select the nominee from a specific party.  Quite reasonably, some state Democratic parties require that primary voters at least take the rudimentary step of aligning with the Democratic party through the voter registration process.  Sanders has lost all of these Democratic primaries.

Sanders, a life long independent, only registered as a Democrat for ballot access.  Yesterday when asked if he had any loyalty to the party, he ducked the question and instead voiced his opposition to Trump.  How unseemly then, that Bernie wants to radically change the party and its procedures.  It is like a neighbor telling you how to raise your child.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Goff Was the Right Choice

Coaches and scouts get weak in the knees when they watch a QB with a big arm.  Wentz has all the physical attributes, and a gun that could shoot down incoming aircraft.  Wentz has some accuracy issues in the intermediate range,  some anticipation issues, and is still learning to go through his progressions.  If he cleans that up he could be great.

But there is no guarantee.  He could be the next Jeff George.  For those who don't remember him, George may have had one of the best arms ever.  He could stand flat footed and throw the ball 60 yards on a rope.  After being drafted number 1, he drifted from team to team, with each new coach dazzled by the big arm.  Wentz is a big risk.

The most common factors among top quarterbacks are accuracy, anticipation and pocket presence.  Those are Goff's strengths.  He can move better than Brady, and has a stronger arm than Peyton in his prime.   Goff is the choice.  As an added plus, his small hands should not be an issue in sunny LA.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Candidates Anonymous

In 1980, I was the warm up speaker for a presidential candidate, before a crowd of 7500.  I was buzzed for a week, on a free taste of the adulation that Bernie has been mainlining for months.  The first step is admitting the addiction, lest he follow Nader's self righteous tumble from glory into the political gutter.   He has had his run and altered the agenda, now he must prepare for a full throated endorsement of Hillary.

No doubt Sanders has legitimate grievances.  I witnessed the saintly Jimmy Carter's organization send out the fire marshal in Fontana, Ca to try to shut down a steelworkers' rally for Congressman Anderson's presidential campaign.  One of the reasons I support Hillary is that she is better prepared to deliver and absorb low blows, than a long time Senate backbencher.

Sanders may consider Hillary an imperfect vessel for the progressive agenda, but Trump is a glass half crazy.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Sanders Supporters are Anti-Democratic

We know that the Sanders coalition skews young, but the childish temper tantrum in Nevada skews younger.  His supporters threw chairs endangering the well being of attendees and made death threats against the unpaid chair of the state party. Harassing calls to her place of employment impaired the livelihood of students and single mothers, who work there.

The terrible injustice that had Bernie's babies babbling, was that Hillary, who won the Nevada Caucus, got 20 delegates, while Sanders who came in second, got 15.  The winner getting more delegates, where is the fairness in that.   But the issue is bigger.  Sanders supporters self righteously believe that he is entitled to the nomination, even though he has won less delegates.

Their claim of a rigged system ignores Clinton's 3 million vote lead over Sanders.  Not only are the Berners disdainful of the will of voters, they are also undemocratic with a capital "D."  Bernie's babies bemoan that many primaries are limited to registered Democrats.  This is not a general election.  Certainly it is reasonable for some state parties to require that Democrats nominate the candidate of the Democratic party.

Bernie's timidity in condemning his hysterical supporters in Nevada, undercuts his stature as a presidential candidate.

Giving Hillary Her Due

The story for the media touts is that Hillary is a weak candidate, who cannot finish off a 74 year old socialist from a small state.  They are mischaracterizing the race and her achievements.

The more apt analogy is Jeb!  Clinton and Bush were both pre race favorites, with a string of endorsements, solid past performance, and more than ample financial support.  After stumbling out of gate, Jeb! is out to pasture, while Hillary is about to cross the finish line.  In the year of the outsider, the consummate insider is poised to win the Democratic nomination.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Is Trump Worse than Castro?

The question is slightly tongue in cheek.  After all, Trump has only buried opponents with frivolous law suits, and imprisoned them with insults and lies.  But after 4 weeks in Cuba,  there are entries on the other side of the ledger.

Although Fidel is on a number of pro-revolution signs, I expected statues of him in every square.  I was told there is one, only one, of him somewhere in the country, but I never saw it.  Much to my surprise I saw little indication that he had cultivated a cult of personality.  Fidel whatever the flaws in his philosophy, is a true believer.  During my travels I twice thought I saw smoke, and noticed an odd smell.  No danger, buildings are sprayed regularly by the government for mosquitoes.  Literacy hovers at 99.7% way above that of America.  Free health care is administered by doctors good enough, that Cuba loans them to other Latin American countries.

Cuba lacks natural resources, and has been crippled by the American embargo which also cuts the county off from the world banking system.  The low wages are not because the Castro brothers have high bank balances.  The Castro brothers appear to genuinely care about the people, rather than personal aggrandizement.

Trump, not so much.  He opposes the minimum wage and is in a labor battle in Las Vegas with the most under handed tactics in decades.  Unlike Castro, Trump puts his name on everything he touches.  His candidacy is about himself rather than a philosophy of governance.   At campaign rallies he continues to shamelessly promote himself and his business.   His victory parties at his Mar-A-Largo club, are invitation only, excluding the riff raft who so fervently support him.  

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Dateline Baracoa Cuba

The best Cuban yet on Trump, "He does not like me."  Cubans prefer Hillary, and if they know him, Sanders, to Trump.