Monday, October 24, 2016

Trump Admits Defeat

For more than a decade, Trump's greatest asset has not been his golden towers, but rather his media enhanced name.  Boffo and bunko businesses alike, have paid dearly for his imprimatur.

Now even the great orange one, has admitted defeat,  dumping his name.  Future projects will shimmer with Scion, not tumble with Trump.  The Trump name is toxic, with occupancy rates tumbling 30% in an up market.

Feel the pain, the loss of power,
when they shun your name,
even at, Trump Tower

Rigged Election

Donald Trump is right that the election is rigged, while yet being so wrong.  If rigged means one party gets more votes, but loses, than the Congressional election is rigged.  Over each of the last three cycles, Democrats in the aggregate, have gotten more votes than Republicans, yet have lost the House by increasing numbers.

The GOP brilliantly focused on state houses leading up to the 2010 census.  The reapportionment all but assured a Republican majority.  As this campaign season draws to a close President Obama is launching campaign ads for up to 150 state legislative candidates.  Fair elections may be in the offing.

The presidential race receives too much bipartisan scrutiny for systemic fraud.  But it is a race you cannot expect to win if you run an ass against a thoroughbred.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Going All in on Las Vegas

Yesterday was the start of early voting in Nevada.  The Clinton campaign is all in.  Bus loads of Californians have been joining Nevada volunteers to register voters.  Now with a favorable electorate in place, a record number of California volunteers boarded buses and drove their cars to storm the citadel of Las Vegas.  The clarion call even reached two delightful women from Idaho who drove 10 hours to support the campaign.

The goal of GOTV, particularly in an early voting state, is to go after first time, and irregular voters.  Ripe low lying fruit will fall with only a slight nudge. At the top, each vote must be carefully picked. Roslyn and I, had very positive responses to our canvassing.   Every voter we contacted had a plan in place to vote early.  Each voter was also supporting Catherine Cortez Masto  to succeed Harry Reid, for the hotly contested Senate seat.  To seal the deal, Obama is in Las Vegas today.

The air war is as intense as that on the ground.  Denizens of Las Vegas are longing for Charmin ads.  On local stations, every commercial break is filled with 5 or more political ads.  How will they know which beer to drink?

Monday, October 17, 2016


Imagine a TV network that makes Fox News look like the Disney channel, like Rush Limbaugh on steroids, or whatever currently is his drug of choice.  Imagine conspiracy theories basking in widely viewed glory, threatening the public discourse, and the civility that sustains democracy.   As John Lennon said, "It's not very hard to do."

Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, is presently seeking funding for the venture.  He is aided by former Fox News executive, and lecher in chief, Roger Aisles, as well as Steve Bannon, of Breitbart infamy.

Time to stop imagining, and to do something.  Defeating Trump is not enough.  The loss must be resounding, like the opening notes of Beethoven's Fifth.  Winning is the Trump brand, losing badly could scuttle it, and render pathetic any discussion of a rigged election.

The personal conscience, informal boycott of Trump properties, must take on all the formality and glittery perfection of a ball gown.  Finally, on social media millions must make it clear we will also boycott anyone connected with, or advertising on such a network.

If we do it right, while he is busy talking about grabbing women, we will have him by the balls.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Carpe Diem

Before Trump, the mantra of every campaign was seize the day.  Whether by policy initiative, photo op or attack line, win every news cycle.  But as the Trump campaign is hell bound on hitting the gas and pounding into the wall, Hillary is stepping out of the way and out of the day.

Other than picking up a few checks, she has gone silent.  She is prepping, getting her nails done, taking a nap, watching soaps, anything but make news.

Campaigning can be relaxing when you run against a crash dummy.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Slim Chance

Carlos Slim is Trump's latest conspiracy fetish.   The name Carlos Slim, conjures a possible finalist in a poker world championship in Las Vegas.  In actuality, he is a Mexican business man so wealthy, that by comparison, Trump is one of the striking housekeepers at the Trump International Las Vegas Hotel.

Carlos Slim has given more to charity than Trump's total net worth.  He has opened a stunning museum, with free admission, that I visited in the Polanco section of Mexico City.  He has given over 4 billion dollars to the Gates foundation, and yes, he has contributed to the Clinton Foundation.

The lynchpin for Donald, is that one of Slim's thinner investments is in the New York Times.  Therefore, using Trumptilian logic, Carlos Slim is the spearhead of an international conspiracy to slander The Donald with accusations of sexual assault.

Donald, don't flatter yourself.  Carlos has less concern for you than you have for the well being of the housekeepers in your hotels.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Wasted Days and Wasted Nights

Trump is behind with 26 days to go before the election.  He needs each news cycle to be lead by either his signature issues, trade and immigration, or a reverberating attack on Hillary.  Each day devoted to his feud with Ryan or his groping of women, is at best a wasted day.  Even if those stories do not hurt his chances, and they should, they suck away his time.

While Trump fumes and dithers, Hillary is employing her strong ground game to bank ballots in early voting swing states.  If she still has a significant lead at the end of this month, we can begin popping corks.